Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate: Ryan vs. Biden : which wine will you choose

You put your wine in here and then set it by the bedside so you can sip and read. Or, put it next to the tv while watching the VP debates tonight. I don't know how Paul Ryan is going to do-but I'm rootin' for him.

Joe Biden may act like a goofball on a daily basis, but he has decades of political debate experience. I think tonight's Vice Presidential debate is going to be a fist fight of words, knuckles bared and no holds barred event.

Hence, I'm filling my wine jug now.
You can put water in it tomorrow to help with the head ache. 

P.S. you need this and you know it-get it this Saturday October 13th, at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Kingman AZ Adult Center off Airway, just behind Walmart. See you there at 10!

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